Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Matthew's 2nd Birthday

Matthew just had his 2nd Birthday party. Hunter had so much fun eating cake and playing in the yard with Matthew's toys.

Matthew didn't even get to play with his toys before Hunter got his hands on them. He loves anything that has wheels on it. I bet he can't wait until his 1st birthday so he gets to rip paper and eat cake.

Some more play time pictures

Jeffery brought Matthew over one night and the boys played all night long. They loved it and entertained themselves. Scott got down to play horsie and the boys attacked. They had lots of fun together.
This is one of our end tables in our living room. Hunter can crawl in but for some reason cannot get himself back out. He will get himself in there and start crying for someone to come and get him out. As soon as we pull him out, he turns around and gets right back in.

Maggie and Ole Dad got this wagon for the boys last Christmas. They love playing with it. Matthew likes to pull Hunter around in it.

Here is Moose's kennel. He loves to open and close the gate.

This is the basket that we keep Moose's toys in. He crawls in and out of this basket all of the time.

Hunter is not scared of anything and will try everything. We really have to watch him like a hawk. I am sure there will be more pictures of him getting into new things soon.

First Halloween

Hunter had his first Halloween. We did not dress up or go trick-or-treating. We went to his Maggie's birthday party. We had a wonderful night. We will probably have to dress up next year though.
Maggie and Ole Dad bought him his first pumpkin. I carved his favorite cartoon character, Moose A. Moose, from Nick Jr. He seemed to really like his pumpkin.

Chuck E Cheese

Hunter had his first Chuck E Cheese experience. He loved every minute of it, especially the pizza. He had a blast on the rides. He did not want them to stop and could not understand why they would stop moving.

As you can tell his buddy, Kira, did not like this ride but he loved it.

West Virginia

Scott and I took Hunter on his first Out-Of-State trip. We went to West Virginia to visit Scott's family. Scott's parents went and really helped out with Hunter. It was his first plane ride and wasn't really feeling 100%. We ended up having to take him to a doctor up there so he didn't get to go site seeing.

We stayed at Scott's aunt's house the whole week which was perfect. We were able to borrow a baby bed and stroller from his cousin which really helped out with not having to travel with all of that.
He did absolutely wonderful on the plane and did not make too much of a fuss on the 3 hour drive from Columbus, OH to Winfield, WV. He had his own seat on the plane which really helped us out since no one could come and share a row with us. He slept the majority of the way.

He did get to go out one day to the Capitol. It was a gorgeous day. We had beautiful weather the whole trip except for the last day.

He got to meet lots of new family members and play with all of his cousins. He even got to swing for the first time ever. He had a lot of firsts on this trip.

I will definitely travel with him again but I will probably wait until he can walk so that we don't have to carry him and the luggage. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Hair Cut

Hunter got his first haircut over this past weekend. He is 9 1/2 months and already needs one. He did pretty good. It definitely could have been a lot worse. He did not cry but he did wiggle quite a bit. It was very hard for the poor girl to cut his really fine hair but she did a good job.

Here is the before...

He wanted to eat his cover up the whole time though.

And here is the after...

Playing with Moose

Moose is probably Hunter's second favorite thing to play with. Swimming in a pool is his first favorite. Moose doesn't much care for it but Hunter sure does get a kick out of chasing Moose and waving his toys in front of his face. I have a very funny video that I will try to post later.
Moose isn't quite sure what to think of Hunter yet but he is starting to warm up to him. I'm sure when it is all said and done, the two will be best buds.